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Authentic Fine Costume jewellery, Exotic Designs

 100 % Artisan Imitation Jewellery

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Who are we

We are a 61 years old Colombian company , we are manufacturers, distributors and exporters of pre-Columbian replicas of cultures of pre-Hispanic periods, represented in costume jewellery applications of present use, with more than 1000 products applied to: Earrings, Necklaces. Charms. Pins, Broaches, Bracelets, Letter Openers, Bookmarks, Cufflinks, Paperweights, Sets and the well known Balsa Muisca.

We are known for our detailed designs, good selection of fine findings, semiprecious stones and light weight casting metal, as a result we offer our clients the best quality products, our company uses front end technology with the best professional human resources , which generated a high quality product which gives
PRECOLOMBINOS a cutting edge company.


To manufacture and distribute optimal quality pre-Columbian replicas, making our company as the best option in the market, always compromised to satisfy our customer ad final consumer needs and expectative. Also promoting our rich cultural heritage pointing towards national and international markets generating fair rent ability together with high quality concept, service, innovation, continuous change and helping the conservation of our habitat.


We will be leaders, maintaining the best human team available for the manufacturing of our pre-Columbian replicas, with the best possible position in the national and international markets, looking for a healthy and sane financial rent ability, compromised with society and being recognized by our clients as a responsible company.

More Than 1.000 Products Ask For Our Complete Catalogue